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At Law Granth, we seek to encourage knowledge through an online platform where young legal minds can share their thoughts over various realms of legal literature and subjects. With the ever changing global scenario it is important for every individual to understand the interplay of law with the problems of the world, which in turn would breed better global-economic solutions. Law Granth provides opportunities to students, legal professionals and academicians to develop their legal skills and knowledge.

Law Granth is a team of law students, lawyer and law Faculties designed to encourage participation of legal fraternity into research and development. We have highly qualified editorial board members who have excelled in academics and have specialized in various subjects of law ranging from corporate to criminal laws. We also have a team of associates from various renowned law firm who are highly skilled in the field of law and expertise in legal practice.

The principal purpose of Law Granth is to provide open access legal education and journal publication to encourage legal knowledge and research. It provides opportunities to people in the field of law to enhance and showcase their talents through their research skill, certified courses and other competitions related to law. We also seek to provide internship opportunities to law students to enrich their field skills. We work towards development and improvement in the sphere of law in all ways possible.

Law Granth started with an aim to provide an avenue for the expression of views of people belonging to the field of law and aspires that an all-purpose global knowledge sharing portal is created which is easily accessible to anyone interested in learning about any theme of law. We further plan to set up various program and offer online learning to students so that every individual has access to various aspects of legal realm.